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Enterprise Profit Optimization for a mixed Passenger/Cargo Airline

This research project considers the operation of a mixed passenger/cargo transportation provider. The company's cargo inventory is primarily residual capacity on the aircraft and can be expressed in two dimensions (weight and volume). However, this capacity is impacted for a large part by the configuration of the aircraft, for example, the type of containers used to fill the various holds. Different containers have different volumes and weights and also present other constraints such combinations required, maximum hold weight issues. In addition the optimum spilt of capacity can impact on the trim of the aircraft and the fuel used. Other considerations include (but are not limited to) the density of cargo, customer requirements and the cost of carrying empty containers. The objective would be to ascertain if a set 2 directional configuration is suitable and, if so, recommend the optimum configuration by route. At later stages this research could proceed into setting optimum inventory levels in out-stations based on set or flexible configurations taking account of baggage and cargo utilisation, damage impacts, service levels and costs.

This research project will be done in cooperation with a major industrial partner and hence is very likely to have a high practical impact in addition to the interesting theoretical aspects.

Candidates for this project should have obtained a first university degree with a substantial quantitative component, ideally a good degree with a mathematical or statistical major/minor. The research will involve computer programming most likely in MatLab. Training and technical support will be given as necessary.

For further particulars please contact the supervisor, Joern Meissner.

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