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Negotiation Skills for Managers – Executive Education Short Course

Negotiation is a fundamental business skill and a vital tool for driving value across an organization. Whether a manager is building profitable relationships with customers, suppliers, and partners or formulating complex negotiations, the ability to think fast, analyze complex deals, and achieve optimal results is critical to success.

The Negotiation Skills for Managers Programme examines the core decision making challenges that confront managers today. While exploring real world case discussions and negotiation simulations, the manager will audit their own intuitive decision-making and negotiation strategies and will learn to identify alternative approaches. They will leave the program with the deal making skills needed to achieve both personal goals and drive performance throughout any organization.

The curriculum focuses on understanding the core elements of negotiation, managing complex competitive environments, and enhancing decision making competencies.

Key topics include:

Maximizing your mental acuity by learning the keys to more rational thinking and by identifying the barriers that keep you from optimal decision making

Realizing better outcomes by preparing more appropriately, thinking more clearly about the other parties involved, and making the right moves

Closing deals that create more value for all parties, while claiming the appropriate amount for your own side

Using analytical decision-making approaches to craft both competitive and cooperative business strategies and to predict the outcomes of strategic interactions

Testing and implementing new ideas that can improve decisions across the entire organization

Achieving better results across the vast array of competitive environments that confront today’s executives

This program serves a highly diverse, qualified group of executives, and is appropriate for those who have taken prior negotiation courses. Participants represent a wide range of business titles and functions, and often are employed in fast-moving, dynamic industries, such as technology, consulting, investment banking, pharmaceutical, medical, and energy.

The Negotiation Skills for Managers Programme from Lancaster Executive equips the manager with more than deal making skills. This leadership development programme is an unparalleled learning experience designed to bring a critical strategic outlook, analytical processes, and exceptional decision making to every negotiation.

This executive education open enrollment short course is offered in the following countries: United Kingdom, Germany, United States, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. Please click here to request a detailed brochure of the Negotiation Skills for Managers Executive Education Short Programme.

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