Prof Dr Joern MeissnerResearch Seminar Series

Jörn Meissner :

Department of Management Science - Seminar Series



Prof Rainer Kolisch and Hans Jörg-Schütz

Capacity allocation for demand of different customer-productcombinations with cancelation, no-shows and overbooking when there is a sequential delivery of service

Prof John Hooker
Carnegie Mellon University

A Tour of Modeling Techniques

Arne K Strauss
Lancaster University Management School

A New Approximate Dynamic Programming Approach to Network Revenue Management with Customer Choice

Prof Alan Zinober
University of Sheffield

Optimal Control and Applications in Operations Research

Hanna Seitz
University of Heidelberg

Applications and Solution of Linear Ordering Problems

Dr Nina Ulstein
PA Consulting Group and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Using optimization to support global supply chain redesign

Prof James W. Taylor
University of Oxford

Exponential Smoothing for Time Series with Multiple Seasonal Cycles

Dr Andrew Palmer
Preston Solutions

An Integrated Routing Model to Estimate Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Freight Vehicles

Prof Gerard Sierksma
University of Groningen

Combinatorial Optimization Approach to the Design of a Large-Scale Radio Telescope

Prof Dilek Önkal
Bilkent University

Taking forecasting advice: source framing and forecast adjustment

Prof Bo Chen
University of Warwick

Logistics Scheduling with Batching and Transportation

Dr Uwe Aickelin
Julie Greensmith
University of Nottingham

Danger! Computer Security meets Operational Research

Dolores Romero Morales
University of Oxford

Unbundled Auction Procurement over Multiple Periods

Dirk Pieter van Donk
University of Groningen

Relating business conditions, supply chain integration and performance: review and empirical findings

Dr Dennis Huisman
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Operations Research in passenger railway transportation

Prof Sergei Savin
Columbia University

Going Bunkers: Inventory Replenishment meets Route Selection

Dr Fernando Oliveira
Warwick Business Scool

Modelling the Impact of Market Interventions on the Strategic Evolution of Electricity Markets

Dr Stephen Disney
Cardiff Business School

Costing the bullwhip effect in supply chains

Dr Allen R Mushi
University of Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania

University Timetabling Problems: The Case of the University of Dar es salaam