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Doctoral Fellowships available with Prof Dr Joern Meissner at Kuehne Logistic University

Prof Dr Joern Meissner is looking to recruit excellent doctoral students with a strong background in mathematics, statistics or computer science. Entry requirement for the program is a university degree with a substantial quantitative component, ideally a master or diploma degree in a mathematical or statistical subject. A preparedness to develop computer-programming skills is essential and training will be given as necessary. Due to strong demand for theoretical research projects as well as joint research projects with our industrial partners, we are currently accepting applications for a September 2018 intake (a different start date might be agreed upon on an individual basis).

About the doctoral program at Kuehne Logistics University

In accordance with international standards and practices, the program’s duration is four years. The first two years are devoted to course work. In order to gain a solid understanding of research in the field, students are required to take at least four courses in methodology, including operations research, statistics and econometrics, simulation, experimentation. Additionally, students take four advanced courses in logistics, supply chain management, marketing, and leadership. The KLU faculty teaches the courses. In addition, visiting internationally distinguished scholars may offer courses at the university, and students may attend workshops at cooperating universities. At the end of the second year, every student must pass an examination that measures his/her depth of knowledge and comprehension of relevant methodologies, theoretical foundations and empirical evidence. Upon successful completion candidates are admitted to the second part of the Ph.D. program.


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Potential Research Topics with Prof Dr Meissner

Prof Dr Joern Meissner’s research group is primarily interested in optimal policies, coordination and equilibria in the area of Supply Chain Management (SCM), Inventory Control and Pricing Strategy. A potential research in the area of Supply Chain Management could, for example, focus on mathematical models to determine the benefit of collaboration between producer and distributor to improve Supply Chain performance. A potential topic in Revenue Management could be to evaluate the impact of the Fare Structure on Revenue Management problems. Here are a couple of other interesting projects that Prof Meissner and his team have recently worked on and that give interested candidates a good overview:

Finding the optimal product mix for an Air Cargo Operator
Product Line Optimization for Fast Fashion Retailers
Enterprise Profit Optimisation for a mixed Passenger/Cargo Airline

Please keep in mind that these are just sample projects we have worked on recently. We are regularly asked by our industrial collaboration partners to help them solve operational problems. This has proven to be a good inspiration for interesting research of high impact. While most dissertation topics are inspired by joint projects with industrial partners, please feel free to suggest any other topic of your interest within the realm of Supply Chain Management, Inventory Control, Pricing Strategy, Revenue Management or Mathematical Optimization (see how to proceed below).


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The KLU awards a limited number of fellowships available that are awarded on a competitive basis. Accepted candidates will receive a tuition waiver and a tax-free scholarship for a minimum of 3 years subject to satisfactory academic progress. Please contact Professor Meissner for details (for contact information please see below). We encourage candidates to seek external funding opportunities as well.


Compared to equivalent positions in Germany and other countries, the administrative workload for doctoral candidates is relatively less demanding at the KLU. Students are not required to carry any workload not directly related to researching and writing their thesis. The intention is that doctoral students should really focus on their research rather than spending time in administration and teaching. Everyone at the KLU is very committed to providing you with the resources needed and to helping you need to finish within that time frame.

About Kuehne Logistics University

Kuehne Logistics University (KLU) is a newly-founded research-oriented university in Hamburg, Germany, with a focus on logistics and business leadership. Its mission is to educate future leaders in logistics and management and to conduct research for the benefit of society. In particular, it seeks to advance scientific knowledge and to apply it in the interrelated fields of logistics, marketing, and leadership. As an integral part of this mission, KLU is committed to offering, in English, a unique and internationally-competitive Ph.D. program in logistics and its interrelated fields.



About Hamburg

Hamburg is a cosmopolitan city in northern Germany. What makes Hamburg unique in Europe (and possibly worldwide) is the natural and architectural beauty on the one hand and the importance as a business center on the other hand. Hamburg’s first impression is dominated by its large lakes and winding waterways, which has led to comparisons with Venice. The river Elbe, where the port is located, has been vital in shaping the city's development throughout history, while the Alster lake is a recreational area in the heart of the city. The port of Hamburg is today the second-largest container terminal in Europe and Hafencity is Europe's largest urban construction project. Hamburg is home to many tourist attractions: the baroque church of St. Michael is Hamburg's most famous landmark, there are many museums and several musicals have a permanent run. Most of the city center is pedestrianized and in addition to the usual high street retailers, there are many shopping arcades. Stroll around the city on a Saturday morning and you will be amazed at the numerous cafes and curiosity shops just waiting to be discovered. Hamburg’s nightlife is world-famous and offers something for every taste from rustic pubs to modern dance clubs. Thousands of people from all around the world are coming every Sunday morning to the Fischmarkt, Hamburg’s most traditional market since 1703.


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About the Hafencity

Kuehne Logistics University is located in the Hafencity. The HafenCity can be found by the Hamburg Harbour and is the biggest town development project in Europe. Attractive living spaces and complex monuments are built beside the picturesque Speicherstadt, the world's largest former warehouse complex. This is the traditional Merchant's District in Hamburg, which is dominated by imposing historic red-brick architecture and is still home for many major companies. Walking around here and seeing the buildings full of flair of their great history and the impressive new developments surely creates a motivating environment to learn and research.


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How to proceed

The best way to start the process is to send an informal email with an attached Curriculum Vitae (CV) to Prof Dr Meissner at <>. If you have taken the GMAT or the GRE, please also forward us your score. We will get back to you with feedback and how to continue the application process if we see a good fit.

Please note: Please contact us as early as possible to increase your chances of obtaining a fellowship, also if you are interested to start a PhD-Program in 2019.


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