SolverTable files and installation instructions

You need to have Solver installed before attempting to load SolverTable. They are separate programs.

To download the executable (zip) file for the SolverTable, click on this:

Save the file somewhere on your computer.  Then click on it (the file "solvertable.exe").  After clicking OK (when it says something about not being licensed for redistribution), it asks you to choose a directory (make sure that the directory name, as well as the entire path to that directory, consists of names with no spaces, hyphens or underscores) then click on Unzip. Make sure it says "successfully unzipped".

Then, in Excel, load the add-in with the Tools|Add-ins menu item. If this is the first time you are loading SolverTable, you'll need to click on the Browse button to find the SolverTable.xla file (it should be in the directory you just unzipped it to). Otherwise, there should be a SolverTable item in the list of available add-ins. Just check its box, and click on OK. SolverTable is no different from any other Excel add-in; they are all loaded this way. You will know that SolverTable is loaded when you see a SolverTable menu item under Excel's "Data" menu.

If any errors are encountered after you have loaded SolverTable and tried to run it, you may need to do the following:

The file solvertable.html has instructions on how to use SolverTable. This will also be explained in class.